We specialize in government infrastructure projects for water, sewage, and roads.

With regards to water works, we do the whole spectrum from dams, river abstraction, water purification, bulk distribution and water mains, water reticulation networks, and also agricultural irrigation.

Sewage works include VIP toilets, bucket eradication, sewer lines, bulk sewer lines, and waste water treatment.

We have supplied numerous mechanical, electrical, and telemetry systems for the control of water, sewage, pump stations, and treatment works.

Roads & Earthmoving includes everything ranging from bulk earthworks, Bitumen, and Asphalt roads, as well as paving roads to road rehabilitation and maintenance.

Lohan Civil is a civil construction company and is known for its high-quality concrete structures and paved finishing.
Detailed and honorable work forms part of all contracts, sometimes constructed under severely difficult conditions