Lohan is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary company that specializes in development, infrastructure, transport, earthworks, roads, telecommunication, pipework, mechanical and electrical and all
aspects of the Civil Engineering Industry.

This privately owned company was founded in 1997 by Johan Ceronio, who was joined by his brother Evert the year thereafter.

The name Lohan is derived from the Sotho word “loha” which means
“to weave”, a process of making things stronger.

Growing up on the border of Lesotho, the Ceronio brothers learned to speak Sotho at a very young age and thus their past has really been interwoven with the Sotho culture.

As a company with strong values embedded in a fair and serving heart, Lohan believes in building relationships with committed and knowledgeable people from all races,

and thus going the extra mile to form a better, stronger South Africa that we can be proud of.

Lohan started as a small sub-contractor for numerous other large companies, but has grown immensely, in most part because of a visionary approach and the ability as a good listener with regards to clients’ wants and needs.

Lohan is now recognized as a professional and reliable company, known for building lifelong relationships with clients thanks to a no-compromise attitude, excellent customer service, and having the stamina for the punctual completion of contracts.

With a think big-attitude, yet a humble approach to business and the ability to adapt, Lohan is driven to deliver solutions, projects and construction equipment of a strict standard that not only match, but exceed those of our competitors.


A passion for what we do, with a strong focus on our customers’ needs, the environment and  community we do it for.

• A multi skilled and qualified reactive workforce.

• Some of the best machine operators in the business.

• A loyal, long-term and friendly staff base that is knowledgeable and trustworthy and will always go the extra mile to complete work on time.


J.H. Ceronio (N.Dip.Civil Eng) Managing Director
E.P. Ceronio (BSC. QS) Operational Director
A. Molalenyane (BTech HR) Marketing & HR Director